As my mother and I navigated through the terminal at IAH Airport a few years ago, I looked around and it seemed like every little girl was wearing "Hello Kitty." I remember thinking to myself, “Maybe I should make my own brand for little girls and bring something new and different with meaning to the character.” I started to brainstorm while I was on the plane, but became very anxious and couldn’t sit still, so I started to draw what was in my head. I smiled at the sketch after I was done, but my mother was leaning over to see what I drew and said, “Try giving her some Afro-Puffs.” It seemed weird to me, but I was intrigued, so I took her advice and immediately added afro-puffs to my drawing. The style reminded me of the way my mom used to do my hair as a little girl born in the 70’s. Right there on the plane, a special purple ladybug was born.

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