As you have probably gathered, I am a single widow living on Galveston Island along the Texas Gulf Coast. My large Irish Catholic family of 7 spent our summers in a waterfront beach cottage on Bolivar Peninsula nearby. It was during my childhood that I and my 4 brothers and sisters developed “salt water souls”. Currently my two sisters have places here on The Island and my brother lives nearby in Beaumont, Tx. He keeps a fishing boat in Sabine Pass, just about 60 miles north of here, and pretty much lives to fish. While there was as much dysfunction in our family as any of you have experienced, we choose to be “cup is half full” people. None of us dwell on the dark holes we have climbed out of in our past, instead we stand upright and smile at the sun, the sea, and the indigenous wildlife. I hope to share the joy of my new island life, and how I arrived here, with all of you. I hope that each of you finds your passion in life.

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