Doug was born at Itazuke Air Force Base on the island of Kyushu, Japan. “My dad was an USAF fighter pilot and test pilot. I moved around about every four years, living at Edwards A.F.B. in California twice, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida and Fairfax, Virginia.”

Doug went to high school at Desert High in Edwards, CA, followed by a college education at the University of Texas in Austin. Here he studied Government with a minor in Journalism. He started Heaven’s Metal Magazine his junior year at U.T. (1985), steering the startup publication from fanzine status to a full-color magazine sold on newsstands worldwide. He published Heaven’s Metal (later changed to HM Magazine) for 28 years, selling it in 2013 to one of his top writers, David Stagg. HM is still going strong today, covering the Christian “hard music” scene that spans metal, rock, punk, alternative.

Doug is married to his lovely wife, Jennifer, and has three daughters, Kaela and Rachel and Kristen (step-daughter), and a step-son, Christian. He currently works at the Texas Department of Agriculture, where he does writing, editing and graphic design. He is still active in his band, Lust Control, who has released five full-length albums and three compilations.