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This is what we stand for

Committed to Texan's!
Our Mission

Our Mission

Drop Everything And Read is self-explanatory, but, in today’s busy world reading is happening less and less.  Our mission is to encourage people of all ages to read more.  To re-discover the fun, the excitement and to joy of learning new things through reading.  For our children, we have created the Super Reader program that shows them if they begin reading at a young age, and continue through adult hood, that they can become their own Super Hero’s.
Our Values

Our Values

Combining creative minds that help widen the world of wonder with those that seek to learn and to enjoy life, we are enriching people’s lives.  We do not promote books that preach hate, but instead we promote books that offer possibilities.

Our Solution

To merge our Mission with our Values we must create events and opportunities for Readers to learn about books and for Authors to spotlight their books.  We have done this with our annual DEAR Texas event and with our Lone Star Book Festival that will travel around the state of Texas.

This is what we do

Committed to the future generations of Texans through reading & writing.

This is who we are

Each person that works with DEAR Texas understands the value of a good education, which can only be achieved when a person is able to read and write.  We also know that to have the ability to imagine the world around us, and the world of possibility, helps one to be inspired, to be a part of the continuing course of change.  Through DEAR Texas, it is our desire and goal to get books into more people’s hands so they have the opportunity to grow and to become their own Super Hero.
B Alan Bourgeois

B Alan Bourgeois Director/Founder/Author

In 1989, he was asked to write a short story based on an actual event in his life. He did, and it was published as $200 Alan. Seeing his story in print once again inspired him to begin writing. Since then, Mr. Bourgeois has written many articles, short stories, editorials and has 7 books published covering many genre’s.

Through the process of writing and getting published, Mr. Bourgeois saw a need for additional marketing avenues for Authors that was not covered in the normal channels. While there were a lot of new ‘web’ based social networks for authors, there was nothing that really helped challenged them, and or gave them a way to promote themselves in a way that finds new readers; WeFiction.com is in the process of being that new marketing tool.

Jef Smith

Jef Smith Board Position 1

Dr. Smith is the director of Therapeutic Life Services, a child foster care provider, and serves on the board of other non-profits in Texas.
Tweed Scott

Tweed Scott Author/Board Position 2

Tweed Scott is a laugh-out-loud funny motivational speaker and corporate entertainer. He retired from broadcasting after 31 years. Tweed is an award-winning speaker and the author of the 3-time national award-winning book, Texas In Her Own Words. He is a former president of the board for the Writers' League of Texas. Tweed loves spreading what he calls the Gospel of Texas.
Rox Burkey

Rox Burkey Author/Board Position 3

Roxanne has two passions – working with technology and writing. She enjoys working to drive optimized customer experiences with technology in her role with a high-tech manufacturer. Texas is home for her and her family. When time permits Rox likes gardening, hiking, sewing, refinishing antiques, exploring, wine-tasting, and traveling. She loves to listen to people which often results in odd treasures that come to life in her stories. 
Joe Willis

Joe Willis Author/Board Position 4

Joe Willis received his Bachelors degree in Speech Communication and English from Eastern New Mexico University in 1977 and his Masters degree in Speech Communication from Texas Tech University in 1978. Mr. Willis has been a classroom teacher for thirty two years. He spent the first fifteen years of his career teaching Speech and English in the public schools. During that time, Mr. Willis coached three UIL state champions in various speech events. Mr. Willis’ students won five UIL district championships in all of the five years he taught at Floydada High School. While at San Angelo Central High School, Mr. Willis’s speech and debate teams won eight consecutive UIL district championships. He coached a Texas Forensic League Extemporaneous Speaking Champion in 1992 and finished his high school teaching career in 1993 coaching a National Champion in Lincoln Douglas Debate.
Charles Breakfield

Charles Breakfield Author/Board Position 5

Charles V. Breakfield likes travel in Texas on a motorcycle, World War II history, wine & good food, and voice/data technology. As a colorful and somewhat controversial individual you can find him either in his shop building furniture, writing with his co-author Roxanne E. Burkey, or out riding his motorcycle, but always meeting people looking for suitable character material for the next thriller installment of the Enigma Book Series.
Larry Morris

Larry Morris Author/Board Position 6

Growing up, I enjoyed many different kinds of science fiction writing, always trying to find my favorite. Ultimately, I settled on just old-fashioned, good story telling. That seemed to be what I liked the most. So, that's what these are, just entertaining stories. No hidden, deep meaning, I don't have a message to push, and there are no dragons, mystics or lost cities. Just, hopefully, fun and interesting stories to read and capture your imagination.