What is the cost of the event? For Authors there is no cost to participate in the event. We are seeking out sponsors to help cover the cost which will total approximately $15,000 for advertising, signs and goodie bags.

What parks should we select? Most of the large cities have already indicated that their busiest, or larger parks are off limits due to the amount of festivals and big events they have in them. In Houston, parks like Herman, Allen Parkway, etc., are off the list. Dallas, Austin and San Antonio have also indicated the same aspect as well.

Can I sell my books at the event? All the major cities have said NO. Some smaller cities like El Paso have said yes, but there is a per author fee that does not make it worth the authors time and cost. Therefore, we want to have goodie bags available for each author, so they can place their own bookmark or advertisement in the bag and give them out for free during the event. It is also why we are trying to get the indie book stores to participate so they can sell the authors books from their area during and after the event.

Can I bring a small PA system to the park? NO, this takes away from the intimate atmosphere we are trying to create. We want the readers to feel free to sit close to the author and to listen to their story and the conversation about the book the author reads from. A sound or a public-address system would end up pushing people back away from the author.

What security will there be? Each city will not have a security detail present at each park. With the potential for a dozen parks being used in a large city, there will not be enough police available, and the additional cost of hiring security would be too great. Therefore, while the city police departments will be aware of the events, security will be up to each author. This does not mean carrying bats, or any other type of weapon with you to protect yourself. If you are licensed for a gun, or pepper spray, then please feel free to have it available. But, DEAR Texas, Inc., is not to be held responsible by the author or anyone else for use of any weapon during the event. The event is meant to be a fun time, with families and individuals having fun listening to an author. We DO encourage that multiple authors share a park area to support and watch over each other. We understand that fear has taken over for too many people these days and for those people we suggest that you pass on the event and stay safe at home.


As questions come up, we will answer them and post them here, so please check this page often over the next few months.