Dear Fellow Book Store;

On behalf of DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Texas, we are reaching out to you to ask for your help in sponsoring the first ever “Authors in the Park” event on April 28, 2018. While this event will not take place at your store location, we want to make sure that you benefit in a big way as a sponsor.

To this extent, DEAR Texas plans to support you in the ways listed, while you are supporting the event.

During the event, we will provide to each participating author, goodie bags that will contain promotional material about their book, and about your store. During the event weekend, and for the week following, we would ask that you sell the participating authors book(s) in your store. Most of the books we realize will need to be approved by you and most likely be on the standard commission rate.

Because authors will not be allowed to sell their books at the parks, we know that by your store carrying them, this gives the authors the opportunity to sell the books to those who attend the event and ulitimately, which brings more customers into your store.

To participate, you will help sponsor the goodie bags. The three levels of sponsorship, for you to select from, are outlined below. In exchange for a sponsorship, your store’s information will be printed on the bags and listed on all advertising materials. Also, we will advertise your store on the official website, with a link to each author whose books you will be selling. The website will be up for months following the event which gives you more exposure to the readers who attend and to those who could not attend but want to know more about the event and your store.

Here are the sponsorship levels:

1 – Full Sponsorship of your city’s events - $900 for 5,000 bags printed with your single color logo and address that you approve.

2 – Local Area Sponsorship within a certain area you select near your store - $350 for 1,000 single color bags printed.

3 – Co-Sponsorship of your local area selected by you - $200 with your logo and web address listed on 1,000 bags printed.

We must know if you would like to participate in the event as soon as possible. We require no money from you until February or March of 2018. We realize that this is the holiday season and you are busy, so all the paperwork and major communications will be held until after the first of the year. You can respond to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make your committment to participate.

We already have hundreds of authors who want to be a part of this event. Our goal is to encourage more and more Texans to read, which, in turn, can lead to more book sales for your store.

Thank you for your time and effort. I look forward to hearing from you.